PowderNano is a brand of Glamarium OÜ, an Estonian company that is established in 2019.
Under the PowderNano brand, we supply and market nanostructured materials and their dispersion. We have strong partnerships with nanomaterials companies which manufacture, research and develop and process nanostructured materials.

Currently, our company provide its customers with nanostructured (1 nm to 100 nm) and ultrafine-structured (0.1 um to 5 um) powder materials & gives consultation in following areas such as ;

  • Mono-Layer Graphene transfer on Si Wafers
  • Doping graphene thin films with metallic nanoparticles
  • Custom carbon nanotube and graphene masterbatches
  • Graphene and CNT filled hybrid thermoplastic composites
  • Custom material manufacturing for battery applications with Si, Graphene and nanopowders
  • Custom material manufacturing for electrical and thermal conductivity
  • CNT synthesis for material strengthening
  • Wafer supply for MEMS applications